Distance to Port: 5km

Distance to Highway Entrance: 1,5 km.

It has An indoor area of ​​11000m2 within the total area of ​​22000m2.

4600m2 x 2 = 9200m2 indoor storage area (6700m2 with shelves, 2500m2 shelf free) Due to the fact that it has a shelf system and its height is 17 meters from the ground, the warehouse provides storage capacity 1.5 times more than the other warehouses.

One of the warehouses is 4600m2 is used as a storage depot and the second one which is of 4600m2 is used as a cold storage or a dry warehouse. There is a spring system between each shelf and the ceiling.

It has a total capacity of 11.000 pallets. There are 20 electronic ramps in the 2 warehouses, 10 electronic ramps in each 4600m2 warehouse.

Shed handling areas between two 500m2 warehouses
1000m2 indoor 2nd floor storage and handling area
1000m2 office (with card access system to the rooms)

Our warehouses are 17 meters high from the ground and entirely consist of shelved areas.

Each shelf has a spring system including the warehouse ceiling.
There is a 1000m3 water reservoir connected with 3 pumps which are diesel and electric, in the warehouse, which is monitored and under control for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day as well as protected by third person liability insurance to safeguard the products of our customers stored in our warehouses.

There is a turnstile and card access system at the entrance to our warehouses and storage areas.

We also have a Private Security in our warehouses.

In our warehouses where flammable and combustible materials are stored, necessary measures such as heat insulation, lightning protection, ventilation, alarm, fire extinguishing are taken and the warehouses are constructed in compliance with appropriate standards. We hold a customs bonded warehousing license.

Flammable and combustible substances, medicines, animal pesticides, foodstuffs, animal feeds and their additives cannot be placed in the same storage.