Cold Storage

In our 6,500m2 cold storage area there is a 2,200 m2 shelf system and there are 10 rooms with temperature regime that can decrease to -40 degrees. 250 m2 is used as non-bonded cold free storage area. At cold storages our reach trucks that can ascend to 10 m. function actively.

We are providing services at 10 bonded rooms with double regime cooling systems and 160 – 468 and 1008 item pallet capacity at areas varying between 85m2 and 472m2.

Temperature follow-up with calibrated measurement devices,

Hygienic storing and transporting services etc.

Temperature levels:

  • Coolness (+4C0 / +8C0)
  • Refrigerated (0C0/ +4C0)
  • Freezing (-18C0 / -40C0)
  • Environment (+18C0