Bonded Warehouses

Type A bonded warehouse in Mersin started its activities in 2008. At our warehouse we provide bonded and non-bonded warehouse services to you our esteemed clients and provide opportunities for storage of all goods. (Our warehouses are our property and not leased.)

Our warehouse is among numbered warehouses in Mersin with its modern and safe infrastructure, cleaning, sufficient equipment and expert personnel.

Our warehouses are Bonded General Warehouses with 137,000m2 storage capacity where loading and unloading can be conducted in a sound manner and 82,500m2 of this capacity is based on open and 54,500m2 is based on closed (6500m2 cold storage, 48.000m2 dry storage) area.

At our warehouses where inflammable and combustible materials are kept the required precautions are taken with heat protection, isolation, lightning protection, ventilation, alarm, fire extinguishing systems and building was made using materials that fulfil standards. We have bonded warehousing license.