Railroad Transportation

As HAKAN LOJİSTİK we have been active in local-international Railroad Transportation with our global field experience of more than 30 years and share our experiences in project logistics with combined transportation with you if required.

Railroad transportation has many advantages. It is faster compared to maritime transportation but more expensive. It is more cost effective compared to air transportation. Railroad comes forward in vehicles, cars, chemicals, raw materials, energy (coal, oil, wind turbines), forest products with high industrial value that must be transported fast and safely.

In terms of energy efficiency, Railroad Transportation has lower carbon emission compared to many methods. It is a safe method due to low accident incident risks that might happen in long distance transportation.

Thus we try to carry cargos using railroad transportation as much as we can for the benefit of our clients and share alternatives if necessary. Our purpose is to present you optimized solutions and to that aim we ate at your service in combined transportation if necessary.