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    “Global Sesame Industry” took a very meaningful decision to declare our founder Hakan Bahçeci’s birthday December 12th as “World Sesame Day” to honor contributions to development of sesame trade of Hakan Bahçeci who endeavored and struggled to expand sesame production and export to broad areas.

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    Hakan Bahçeci who is a respected and beloved member of the sector, acted as chairman of Global Pulse Confederation (GPC/CICILS IPTIC) between 2011 and 2015, member of board of directors of Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), member of Committee of World Food Security, chairman of International Agri Food Network, and chairman of Private Sector Mechanism at the UN.

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    Dubai centered Hakan Ago that has been active in trading in agricultural products and supply chain management for 32 years and that was established by Hakan Bahçeci continues its activities as a multinational agricultural products supply company with its broad sales and operation network extending to 24 countries.

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    Hakan Bahçeci settled in Dubai at a young age and there he expanded Hakan Agro that he established in 23 for trading in agricultural products. In time Hakan Agro became one of then important players in the global arena under leadership of its founder.

  • Hakan Bahçeci

    Hakan Bahçeci was one of the most important entrepreneurs in Turkey that created himself on the international platform… He established Hakan Gıda company in 1989 in Mersin which he carried to Dubai in 1996. Hakan Bahçeci achieved a total of 6 million tons of trading volume annually with Hakan Agro brand in 6 continents and achieved an effective position in the global food market.